Discover BIZ LEGAL OVERBERG: Labour and Legal Solution


• Expertise in Industrial Relations and Labour/Employment Law
• Tailored Retainer Services for ongoing legal and HR support
• Training Solutions to enrich your team’s knowledge
• Conciliation, Arbitration, and Disciplinary Enquiry Preparation
• Retrenchment Consultancy

Wills & Agreements:

• Wills (FREE): Preserve your wishes with personalized wills
• Contractual Blueprints: Craft ironclad agreements with our consultancy

Specialist Skills:

• Legal Knowledge and Research Excellence
• Analytical and Critical Thinking
• Effective Communication
• Meticulous Attention to Detail
• Creative Problem-Solving
• Ethical Conduct and Integrity
• Time Management and Organization
• Negotiation and Mediation Proficiency
• Client Service Excellence
• Adaptability and Resilience
• Teamwork and Collaboration
• Advocacy and Public Speaking

Why Choose FW & Associates:

• Simplifying disciplinary procedures
• Expertise in diverse retrenchment exercises


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